As every art piece is produced on demand, we kindly ask you to allow a minimum of 3 weeks for the delivery of your product. Once your product has been shipped, we will notify you and the durations below will apply depending on the county of delivery.

Austria6-12 dys
Belgium1-2 ays
Bosnia and Herzegovina6-12 dys
Bulgaria4-6 dys
Canada7-10 dys
Canary Islands6-9 days
Croatia5-8 dys
Cyprus4-6 dys
Czech Republic3-6 dys
Denmark2-3 dys
Estonia4-6 dys
Finland3-6 dys
France (incl. Corsica and Monaco)2-4 dys
Germany2-3 dys
Greece3-6 dys
Greenland6-9 dys
Hungary3-6 dys
Japan7-10 dys
Iceland4-10 dys
Ireland2-4 dys
Italy2-5 dys
Latvia3-6 dys
Liechtenstein3-5 dys
Lithuania4-6 dys
Luxembourg1-2 dys
Malta3-6 dys
Norway5-12 dys
Poland2-4 dys
Romania3-6 dys
Portugal (incl. Azores and Madeira)3-5 dys
Slovakia3-6 dys
Slovenia2-4 dys
Spain3-5 dys
Sweden2-5 dys
Switzerland3-4 dys
Turkey5-14 dys
United Kingdom5-7 dys
United States of America7-10 dys